Ravi Prakash Foundation Activities: Education

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Thousands of primary schools across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana lack basic facilities and quality education. Parents show a growing preference for private pre-schools and schools over Anganwadi centers and government schools.

Parents are dissatisfied with sub-standard facilities and the lack of minimal infrastructure in government schools, such as students' desks, tables, stools, carpets, teacher's chairs, blackboards, drinking water, limited space, lack of playgrounds and teaching materials.

Ravi Prakash Foundation donated funds for the construction of a government school building at Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash inaugurated the constructed school in Prakasam district's Kothapatnam on 5th July 2017. It resembled a residential school building with modern facilities.

As part of its Corporate social responsibility TV9 channel has always supported numerous causes over the years. Additionally, Ravi Prakash Foundation was founded in 2017 to further his commitment and passion for making a change in society by supporting the cause of education and health. Today Ravi Prakash Foundation is undertaking philanthropic activities in these areas.