Chenetha Santha

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Handspun khadi keeps one hydrated and cool in the sweltering Indian heat of 40 degrees. The making of khadi, hand woven natural fibre is on the verge of extinction unless it receives a major fillip.

TV9 as part of its CSR activity has been supporting supported handloom weavers market Chenetha Santha since three years. Saraswati Kavula a social activist set up Chenetha Santha under Chenetha Chaitanya Vedika platform in 2015 with an intention of lending a helping hand to handloom weavers by making them sell their products directly to customers.The bi-monthly santha or fair is organised for three days at Nagarjuna Nagar Community Hall, Ameerpet in Hyderabad. Consumers are given the opportunity to buy authentic handloom and Khadi directly from weavers.

Pushed into poverty by the dominant powerloom industry, marginal handloom weavers do not even make both ends meet after working all day long. At Chenetha Santha, they have been finding remunerative prices for their products with direct-sale to customers.

Chenetha Santha gained momentum through word-of-mouth publicity. Now, apart from regular customers, retailers from Chennai and Mumbai come to this Santha to purchase materials from weavers in a bulk. This helps weavers earn some instant money unlike what they get from cooperative societies.

TV9 Telugu channel has been promoting the cause of handloom weavers by giving free scrolls, promos and coverage. With constant weaver interaction we have been bringing out their internal stories. Poverty stricken weavers have come out in the open and spoke about how they faced losses because of the power play between cooperative societies and powerlooms